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Webinar 26 May 2015: FAMACHA and goats – a practical on-farm technique for Barber’s Pole

Posted 13/5/2015
Do you have a barber’s pole problem in your goat herd? How can you tell and what can you do about it? Our guest presenter, Maxine Lyndal-Murphy has extensive experience in worm management through her past roles with Queensland Dep ..

Have your say by 30 May

Posted 01/4/2015
What changes would you like to see in the industry in five years’ time? Do you want to know what growth rates to expect from young rangeland animals? Do you want access to more information about the markets your animals are headed t ..

Producers share tips about exclusion fencing

Posted 03/2/2015
Wild dogs present an ever increasing risk to goat producers in mainland Australia with stock losses reported in most major goat producing regions. In some areas, goats can no longer be managed effectively due to pressure from wild dogs. In an ..

New plan doesn't kid around with CAE and JD

Posted 07/10/2014
Two slow acting, insidious and incurable diseases afflict the goat industry - Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE) and Johne’s disease (JD). But help is at hand with the National Kid Rearing Plan ( ..

Webinar highlights value of export markets for goatmeat

Posted 01/10/2014
The first in a series of free webinars for goat producers and other industry participants was held on September 26. This webinar focused on goatmeat market requirements, prices and trends. Presenters included Campbell McPhee, Owner of Western ..

PDS highlights importance of measuring genetics

Posted 03/7/2014
The genesis of most practical and applicable research in agriculture comes from the producers themselves. By facing problems on a daily basis, resourceful producers often devise solutions on-farm through trial and error. Producer Demonstratio ..

Pest to profit

Posted 24/6/2014
Wild goats have long been derided as a scourge to the environment and a pest to pastoralists. But that view is radically changing. In recent years, rangeland goats ( have been the salvation ..

Supplementing goats through pasture improvement

Posted 22/5/2014
Tropical and subtropical grasses make up the majority of pasture species in northern grazing areas with subtropical species increasingly being introduced to southern grazing systems due to their high productive potential. While such grasses g ..

Making goats healthy and happy

Posted 19/5/2014
Considerable production losses may occur when rangeland goats, which are largely undomesticated, are brought in to intensive environments such as depots and feedlots. The sudden introduction to these environments can be stressful for rangeland go ..

Bucks on the line in first-of-its-kind trial

Posted 09/5/2014
In what is considered to be a first for the Australian goatmeat industry, the progeny of nine Boer bucks, nominated by seedstock breeders from across Australia, will be compared for a range of commercially important traits in a trial being  ..