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National Residue Survey 2016–17 - Goat

Posted 27/11/2017
The National Residue Survey (NRS) is an operational unit within the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, and since 1992 has been funded by industries through levies or contracted by direct funding. The NRS is a ..

National Residue Survey 2015–16 - Goat

Posted 11/4/2017
The National Residue Survey (NRS) is an essential part of Australia’s system for monitoring the levels of, and associated risks from, pesticides and veterinary medicine residues in Australian food products. The goat programme involves t ..

Industry upholding Australia's "clean" goatmeat image

Posted 16/5/2015
The National Residue Survey (NRS) is a vital part of the Australian system for managing the risk of chemical residues and environmental contaminants in Australian food products. The NRS supports Australia’s food industry and primary produce ..

GICA represents goat producers on two important industry issues

Posted 05/3/2014
On behalf of Australian goat producers, GICA recently made submissions about two important industry issues - NLIS and the proposed amendments to legislation relating to agricultural and veterinary chemicals (AgVet chemicals). NLIS GICA provid ..