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Important information for Goat Producers: New NVD

Posted 07/6/2018
A new version of the Livestock Production Assurance National Vendor Declaration (LPA NVD) for goats is now available both electronically and in printed booklets. The LPA NVD is required for all livestock movements, including property to prop ..

Consultation on the removal of NLIS tagging exemption for dairy goats

Posted 07/2/2017
The Goat Industry Council of Australia (GICA) is encouraging feedback and comment from dairy goat producers on the removal of the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) tagging exemption of Australian Dairy Goats. NLIS Sheep & ..

Consultation on the removal of NLIS tagging exemption for Australian dairy goats

Posted 06/2/2017
The Goat Industry Council of Australia (GICA) remains committed to strengthening the current National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) Sheep and Goat traceability system. As such GICA, with input from the Dairy Goat Society of Australia (DG ..

The electronic identification system for sheep and goats in Victoria should remain mob-based

Posted 10/10/2016
The national Peak Industry Councils representing and promoting the needs of Australia’s lamb, sheepmeat, wool producers and the goat industries have provided comment on the draft consultation paper “Electronic National Livestock Ident ..

Depot registration to support tag free movement of goats

Posted 18/12/2015
From 1 February 2016, goat depots must be registered to be able to move goats without NLIS tags following an announcement (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=207547) made by Safemeat and GICA. To be able to operate without NLIS tags, goat depot ..

Are you eligible to claim back stamp duty for goats sold in Victoria?

Posted 12/5/2014
If you sell goats from interstate into Victoria, you may be able to claim back the stamp duty paid during the transaction. Stamp duty is applied at the time of the sale at a rate of 12¢/head and applies to sales of sheep and goats o ..

GICA represents goat producers on two important industry issues

Posted 05/3/2014
On behalf of Australian goat producers, GICA recently made submissions about two important industry issues - NLIS and the proposed amendments to legislation relating to agricultural and veterinary chemicals (AgVet chemicals). NLIS GICA provid ..

Review and trial of alternative identification methods for the Dairy Goat Society of Australia

Posted 05/3/2014
Why There has been a requirement to identify dairy goats as part of the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) for sheep and goats for a number of years. However, due to a higher than normal incidence of infection rates m ..

Preparing goats for sale

Posted 25/2/2014
There have traditionally been very few opportunities for goats to be traded through saleyards with most goats sold direct; however, this is gradually changing. Dubbo in Central West New South Wales plays host to one of the largest saleyard goat s ..

New NLIS requirements for goats

Posted 01/9/2010
Goat producers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the new requirements under NLIS (Sheep and Goats). From 1 July 2010, all states will be progressively introducing the requirement to record the movement of mobs of goats between pr ..