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Important information for Goat Producers: New NVD

Posted 07/6/2018
A new version of the Livestock Production Assurance National Vendor Declaration (LPA NVD) for goats is now available both electronically and in printed booklets. The LPA NVD is required for all livestock movements, including property to prop ..

New plan doesn't kid around with CAE and JD

Posted 07/2/2016
Two slow acting, insidious and incurable diseases afflict goats: caprine arthritis encephalitis (CAE) and Johne's disease (JD). However, the National Kid Rearing Plan offers Australian goat producers actions that provide an alternative to watchin ..

Are you eligible to claim back stamp duty for goats sold in Victoria?

Posted 12/5/2014
If you sell goats from interstate into Victoria, you may be able to claim back the stamp duty paid during the transaction. Stamp duty is applied at the time of the sale at a rate of 12¢/head and applies to sales of sheep and goats o ..

Goat industry embraces biosecurity

Posted 29/1/2009
Goat trading between states will become easier with the introduction of a National Goat Health Statement according to Goat Industry Council of Australia’s President Steve Roots. “This statement was developed by the goat industry f ..