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Depot registration to support tag free movement of goats

Posted 18/12/2015
From 1 February 2016, goat depots must be registered to be able to move goats without NLIS tags following an announcement (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=207547) made by Safemeat and GICA. To be able to operate without NLIS tags, goat depot ..

Webinar highlights value of export markets for goatmeat

Posted 01/10/2014
The first in a series of free webinars for goat producers and other industry participants was held on September 26. This webinar focused on goatmeat market requirements, prices and trends. Presenters included Campbell McPhee, Owner of Western ..

Pest to profit

Posted 24/6/2014
Wild goats have long been derided as a scourge to the environment and a pest to pastoralists. But that view is radically changing. In recent years, rangeland goats ( have been the salvation ..

Making goats healthy and happy

Posted 19/5/2014
Considerable production losses may occur when rangeland goats, which are largely undomesticated, are brought in to intensive environments such as depots and feedlots. The sudden introduction to these environments can be stressful for rangeland go ..

Depots bolster supply

Posted 15/9/2009
The Australian goat industry’s increasing capacity to supply the right kind of product at the right time and guarantee that product’s integrity, as well as steady demand from overseas markets, has reinforced Australia’s position ..