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Evaluating the economic impact of wild dogs in Western Australia

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

A recent report published by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), Assessment of the impact of wild dogs on the Western Australian rangeland goat industry, identifies wild dogs as the major factor currently contributing to a precipitous decline in rangeland goat production in Western Australia. 

The report estimates goat losses from wild dogs are worth about $11 million in lost total annual farm gate income for Western Australian rangeland goat producers. This is based on an estimated stable and sustainable rangeland goat population of 900,000 head, with a modest harvest rate of 35%, or 315,000 head annually. The current annual rangeland goat harvest is approximately 65,000 head.

The MLA report concludes that the significant investment of time and effort in wild dog control which has recently occurred is delivering results; however, in Western Australia, a state badly affected by this problem, there is no system or metric to objectively monitor the results of this control. The report recommends local implementation of the National Wild Dog Action Plan, which provides guidance to reliably and demonstrably achieve the required control.

Read the report from MLA and access the National Wild Dog Action Plan.