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Exploring goat worm control

Posted 26/5/2014
Worms continue to present major production issues for producers of farmed goats. Participate in this online survey ( and help direct possible future research in this area.  ..

Supplementing goats through pasture improvement

Posted 22/5/2014
Tropical and subtropical grasses make up the majority of pasture species in northern grazing areas with subtropical species increasingly being introduced to southern grazing systems due to their high productive potential. While such grasses g ..

Making goats healthy and happy

Posted 19/5/2014
Considerable production losses may occur when rangeland goats, which are largely undomesticated, are brought in to intensive environments such as depots and feedlots. The sudden introduction to these environments can be stressful for rangeland go ..

Are you eligible to claim back stamp duty for goats sold in Victoria?

Posted 12/5/2014
If you sell goats from interstate into Victoria, you may be able to claim back the stamp duty paid during the transaction. Stamp duty is applied at the time of the sale at a rate of 12¢/head and applies to sales of sheep and goats o ..

Bucks on the line in first-of-its-kind trial

Posted 09/5/2014
In what is considered to be a first for the Australian goatmeat industry, the progeny of nine Boer bucks, nominated by seedstock breeders from across Australia, will be compared for a range of commercially important traits in a trial being  ..