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Are you eligible to claim back stamp duty for goats sold in Victoria?

Monday, May 12, 2014

If you sell goats from interstate into Victoria, you may be able to claim back the stamp duty paid during the transaction.

Stamp duty is applied at the time of the sale at a rate of 12¢/head and applies to sales of sheep and goats or carcases of sheep and goats produced interstate and sold in Victoria, including when goats are sold to abattoirs.

This is particularly relevant to goat producers given that some of the biggest buyers of both export rangeland goats and domestic restaurant goats are based in Victoria.

To claim the reimbursement, you must complete the claim form and attach copies of the LPA NVD/Waybill or Animal Health Statement that accompanied the animals/carcases at the time of the sale, as well as any documents showing that Victorian Stamp Duty was paid, such as a bill of sale.

You can make claims as you go (ie after each transaction) or at the end of the financial year, but it is important that all claims are lodged no later than 31 October immediately following the end of the financial year to which the application relates.

For more information and for a copy of the claim form contact the Senior Project Support Officer, Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries, on 03 5430 4558